Midlife Spare Tire & The Glycemic Index Part III – 10 Tips on How to Use the Glycemic Index (GI) for Optimum Health + Some Great Resources

In Part I & Part II you learned that the Glycemic Index (GI) measures the quality of your body’s primary source of fuel – the carbohydrates in your food. This measurement system is based on how quickly carbohydrates in your foods (things like cereals, muffins, vegetables, potatoes, drinks, etc.) are digested and absorbed into your […]

Midlife Spare Tire & The Glycemic Index Part 1 – How Did You Get Here?

You wake up in your 40s or 50s to a spare tire around your middle. Welcome to the physical manifestation of the midlife crisis. It’s a mystery how your spare tire got there because you haven’t changed your eating habits in decades and you thought you were eating healthy foods. For years you’ve had your […]