Midlife Spare Tire & The Glycemic Index Part II – Understanding the Glycemic Index & How It Affects You

In part I of Midlife Spare Tire & The Glycemic Index, you learned that consuming High Glycemic Index (GI) foods over time causes many internal and external adverse effects, in particular insulin insensitivity which can lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the most puzzling physical manifestation, your spare tire around your middle that won’t deflate. […]

Quinoa Cakes and Vegetable Ratatouille

Eat these scrumptious vegan cakes on their own, with a fall salad, or with a fish dish (like mahi mahi or cod) topped with a vegetable ratatouille. They are not only delicious, but very easy on your budget even when using organic ingredients. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa not kwin-o-a) is one of my favorite grains with […]

Cook Healthy – Use the Right Oils

When the seasons change our foods often change with them. To be healthy, make sure that the oils you use to prepare your food are healthy. As we move from summer through autumn to winter, we tend to hunker down to stay warm, and start eating warmer foods. My plate went from being mostly full […]