Meet Andrea

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Professional Bio

Andrea Hagan is a wellness consultant, entrepreneur and blogger who inspires women everywhere to live a healthy, vibrant and purpose filled life.

After years of working 13 hour days, 5 to 7 days per weeks in the corporate world to survive, then juggling Human Resources & System consulting while raising her children and caring for her mother-in-law, she finally found balance. She traded in exhaustion, overwhelm and the proverbial “paddling like a duck” to keep up for living life with lots of harmonic crescendos.

Andrea followed her passion for wellness, finding vibrant health and purpose in the wellness industry. She now blogs about living a vibrant whole life, runs a wellness school (about to go on-line), counsels/coaches people on how to live their best life and mentors women in building fulfilling financially secure wellness businesses.

She is the creator of Vibrant Whole Living website, an inspiring speaker, educator and health and wellness facilitator, leading people to live their best life – fulfilling their dreams.

Andrea has a B.PhEd, M.Ed, and Certified Holistic Health Coach Training and Contributor with Sustainable Health Concepts.