Lest We Forget

Dad - 11-11-11-12With overwhelming emotions – gratitude, pride and love – I stood beside my father today, November 11th, during the Veteran’s Day ceremony. I was not alone; with me were my son, daughter and husband.

At 19 years of age my father, Jack Hagan, made a voluntary choice to serve his country. This decision defined who he would become and how he would think for the rest of his life.

He served six years in the RCAF, logging over 1800 hours and flying over 100 missions in a Sunderland aircraft over the cold dark North Atlantic.

My dad served in a company of heroes, some of whom did not make it home. They served to give us our daily freedoms.

The unsolicited “Thank You” my father received from strangers today was incredibly moving. This made his day, together with the ceremony and huge family appreciation he received – especially from my children.

My father is one of the few remaining World War II veterans. Time is running out for us to honour this generation and to make time for family occasions where they can influence our children.

We get so caught up with our busy lives that many of us express our appreciation for the sacrifices that our parents’ generation made only on this annual occasion.

Let’s not leave it to a once a year….

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