Halloween Survival Tips

Halloween Candy Options

If you have children or grandchildren or close friends with children who Trick-or-Treat, you know what’s coming!   The overabundance of candy during this holiday can make sticking to any candy management plan a struggle.  This puts a lot of stress into the holiday.

The key is to make this holiday empowering, fun and healthy.

Here is an update from my last year’s Halloween article to help you keep control of the sweet treats during Halloween.  These 5 tips are compliments of the Healthy Edge ladies, some great internet resources and my own experiences.

5 Halloween Survival Tips

  1. Create a Candy Fairy
  2. Use a Halloween Candy Exchange
  3. Replace the First Night Splurge with Alternatives
  4. Use an Ongoing Candy Exchange
  5. Get Buy In for “The Later” Approach

Here are the details for each of these 5 survival tips:

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