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When the seasons change our foods often change with them. To be healthy, make sure that the oils you use to prepare your food are healthy.

As we move from summer through autumn to winter, we tend to hunker down to stay warm, and start eating warmer foods. My plate went from being mostly full of the summer’s great raw veggies, salads and fruits to including more cooked and lightly steamed foods in the winter. In the process, I’ve changed the oils I am using to prepare my meals to ensure the oils enhance my food’s healthy benefits. You do not want to create oxidation or inflammation in your body by using the wrong oils.

Have you ever noticed that when your garlic and olive oil start to smoke your garlic becomes bitter and crunchy instead of wonderfully sweet and caramelized? Yes, this is what “burnt” tastes like. That’s what happens when an oil gets too hot: it 0xidizes and burns the food – in this case garlic. If you consume this oxidized oil you will be harming your body.

This happens because all oils have a flash or smoking point and when your oil reaches that point it oxidizes or becomes rancid. By eating the oxidized oil or food you’ll create “inflammation” in your body. You want to avoid this in order to prevent premature aging and disease.

So how do you choose the right oil for your cooking? Here is a great free guide you can download that will help you keep your food and body healthy.

One last point: My favorite oil for medium-heat cooking is coconut oil. As a medium chain triglyceride, coconut oil has huge health benefits including being antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and more. Or as my daughter likes to say, it is super awesome.

So Happy Cooking everyone – especially with the right oils!

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