Halloween Survival Tips

If you have children or grandchildren or close friends with children who Trick-or-Treat, you know what’s coming!   The overabundance of candy during this holiday can make sticking to any candy management plan a struggle.  This puts a lot of stress into the holiday. The key is to make this holiday empowering, fun and healthy. Here […]

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Lentil, Lemon & Thyme Salad – A burst of flavours

Lentil, Lemon and Thyme Salad is a delicious side dish or main course lunch that packs a powerhouse of nutrients, helping you look good and feel great. Not only quick n’easy to make, it’s economical, low glycemic and scrumptious. The burst of flavours in this salad comes from a combination of tastes and textures; sweet […]

Start Your Day with Warm Water & Lemon

  No matter the day No matter the season Drink your warm water n’ lemon For all sorts of reason   What you do first thing in the morning can have a significant effect on the rest of your day.   Set yourself up for an exceptional day, seriously consider adding warm water and lemon […]

Caramelized Onion, Apple & Cranberry Cheese Toast – A Vibrantly Healthy Appetizer

Is relaxing with friends and family one of your favourite past-times? If you’re anything like me, you LOVE spending time with the special people in your life. Adding good food to these events helps make them even more of a celebration, having a great appetizer is a huge part of this. There is something magical […]

Glycemic Index versus Glycemic Load

In my earlier three-part series on Midlife Spare Tire & The Glycemic Index (GI) I explained how: Carbohydrate foods are fuel for both your body and your brain.  For optimal health, you must keep your blood sugar stable.   You can do this by understanding the glycemic index and making smart food choices.  Fast burning […]

Good to the Bone – Homemade Broth Made Easy

For decades, bone broth was our grandmother’s “go to” remedy for whatever was ailing us, but today bone broth has fallen out of favour because of our fast-paced world. It’s time this lost custom was revived. It’s short on labour and huge on benefits, making it an important staple in our diets. What makes homemade […]